daily gratitude – food

one of this summer's CSA deliveries

How often do you sit down (and I mean sit in a chair at a table) and savor every bite of the food you eat?  Pretty much never, right?

Try it tonight.

Whether it’s a homemade dinner, a review night of leftovers, or take out from the local Indian place around the corner, when you sit down to dinner, take a bite, close your eyes, and taste what you’re eating.  The final part: be grateful.

I am so thankful for access to great food, for my enjoyment of cooking, meal-planning and food gathering, and for the opportunities to share this with my roommates and with you.

This season, in gratitude to your own abundance, consider donating to one of these organizations:

  • Greater Boston Food Bank, which supports soup kitchens, food pantries and a lot of other outreach programs in the metro area
  • Meals on Wheels brings food to the elderly, disabled and homebound
  • Freedom from Hunger provides microloans and health education to women so they can provide healthier food choices for their families
  • UNICEF fights hunger on an international level through outreach, education and the provision of food and equipment.

If you know of any other local or international food-related charities please share them in the comments.


2 responses to “daily gratitude – food

  1. There was an article on NPR this morning about how food banks across the country are struggling to meet the needs of those they serve. This year especially, donating to a local food bank is important.

    • I hope this is the year that charitable giving goes way up. Rather than buy stuff no one needs, why not contribute to people who don’t have access to the basics? Besides giving leads to abundance!

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