A Break with Tradition

Inspired by friends and family who last year re-evaluated some of their holiday traditions and made some changes, I’ve jumped on their bandwagon.

This year, instead of sending Christmas cards and gifts, I’ve donated the money to yogaHOPE, a local non-profit organization that provides therapeutic yoga to women in shelters, substance abuse programs and escaping domestic violence.

Are there any holidays traditions that you could spruce up, par down or do away with?

Note: Just found the post I wrote last year declaring it was the end of Christmas cards.  Yay me for follow through! ::wink::


6 responses to “A Break with Tradition

  1. Great new tradition Abby! This year everything we’re giving is either handmade/homemade by us or by small local producers. Everyone (both our families) will be here for the holiday and really that is what we are excited about!

  2. I want my in-laws (mostly my mother-in-law) to go along with this idea so bad, but it’s going to take baby steps. She hates not giving (to us). I’d so much rather do one of the adopt-a-family programs and give gifts to people who might not even have any type of Christmas. Baby steps…

    • Baby steps are a great way to achieve a goal! Sounds like your MIL has great energy and intention — I’m sure she’ll come around and find a balance between her display of love and affection through gifts and also supporting a family that doesn’t have enough to make ends meet.

  3. We’ve told our families for ages:
    If we can’t eat it or drink it, we don’t want it.

    Everyone pretty much complies, apart from my mother. But at least the MIL has stopped giving me knick-knacks.

    I think giving to a charity is a splendid idea!

    • That’s a great guideline, though I’d add “activities” to that list too. Ed and I LOVE getting out and doing things: hiking, picnics, kayaking, snowshoeing. Last year, my parents got us snowshoes and we were on them every day we were in Maine. (Well, except the day that it was -40 …)

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