Power Yoga – 12/2/09

Got called in last minute to sub the Power Yoga class at HBS yesterday. Here’s what I taught …. or at least as close as I can remember. 🙂

Power Yoga
75 minutes
10 peeps
Music: Love Song, Sara Barrilles and Boom Boom, by Will Dailey

child’s pose
down dog
runner’s lunge with gentle twist
rag doll
3 sun As
3 sun Bs
crescent lunge with twist
warrior II
side angle lunge
extended side angle lunge
prasritta A/horse
pivot to front and into warrior III/airplane
standing leg split
roll up into tadasana
::repeat from final Sun B/crescent lunge to tree on left side::
right side vastistasana on forearm with threading
roll onto belly for 2 locusts
2 bows
left side vastistasana on forearm with threading
roll on to back for 2 bridges
2 7-count wheels
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
abs with block between thighs
half pigeon
spinal twist

Great group last night!  Very mixed bunch, representing a lot of levels and ages.  It kept me on my toes and made for an exciting class (though exhausting!)

I love my 60 minute Vinyasa Flow class, but I’d give just about anything for an extra 15 minutes.  It’s amazing how much more time we can spend on alignment and doing fun stuff!  If I get a chance to sub again, I’d like to get everyone into a squat to play around with crow/tripod!!


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