Great Pit Debate: Part II

I was intrigued about this recent post on detoxing your armpits.  Fascinated by what this woman went through for her “detox”, I was hoping that I’d learn something to help me in my continuing quest for an non-aluminum, non-toxic antiperspirant.

The big difference here is that I don’t have stinky, bacteria-ridden arm pits.  What I do have is sweat, enough that I would sweat through whatever shirt or sweater I am wearing if I didn’t have an antiperspirant.  This is especially frustrating because most of the time I’m cold and still sweating.

Deodorant is not the issue … it’s the perspiring.  The last post generated some interesting comments about alternatives to deodorants, but didn’t really touch on the antiperspirant part of the debate.

Is there an all-natural solution to controlling/containing the sweat?  And yes, I know it’s a natural, bodily function, but I’m tired of walking around with damp armpits and wet clothes.

Do you buck the societal norms that “women don’t sweat” and rock on with your underarm water spots?  Do you compromise your health with aluminum and paraben loaded antiperspirants?  Has anyone found something in the middle?


2 responses to “Great Pit Debate: Part II

  1. I’m allergic to all antiperspirants and nearly all deodorants. But I’ve had success with some products from LUSH.

    This powder does a pretty good job of absorbing the moisture and leaves a soft, vanilla fragrance:

    And if I need something with more deodorizing properties, I use this deodorant bar (which is essentially a solid powder) and has a nice citrus scent:

    These don’t last all day, and I sometimes get damp pits in the late afternoon, but a quick re-application usually does the trick.

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