“Spring” Cleaning

Someone’s been doing some tidying up!

A few new things here on Perusals:

1) Yoga Teacher Training Links are now their very own page!

2) There are a few new blog links in “Other Great Blogs.”  Definitely check out Social*Ology for some beautiful and thought-provoking writing.

3) Twitter updates!  Follow me @AbbyThompson
Hopefully the sidebar is a little more streamlined and less cluttered.

Is there anything you’d like to see on the side bar (or on the blog in general) that you’re not seeing now?   What about extraneous stuff than can get chucked?


Here on Perusals at least.  Certainly not in Cambridge.

Have a WordPress blog?  Want to make it snow?


One response to ““Spring” Cleaning

  1. I’ve heard Social * Ology is a great blog! 😉 Love you.

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