Rangeley Region Fitness Center – 12/29/09

Core Flow Yoga

Rangeley Region Health Center
60 minutes
2 peeps
Music: Prana After Dark 12 by Ray Mucci

child’s pose
cat/cow tilts
downward facing dog
modified vinyasa
3 sun As
2 sun Bs
3-legged dog ab work
warrior I
warrior II
reverse warrior
side angle lunge
reverse warrior
reverse triangle
prasritta A
pivot to front for eagle
repeat on left from 3-legged ab work though eagle
2 locust
2 bridge with block between thighs
wide-legged baddha konasana
forrest abs with block between thighs
modified half pigeon
viparita karani
hamstring/spinal twist with strap

Two lovely women in class today. They’re up from Londonderry, NH. Great energy and a lot of fun to work with. They were receptive to everything I threw their way. Interesting to work with just two people – I got to do a lot of hands-on assists that I don’t usually get time for.


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