Rangeley Region Fitness Center – 12/30/09

Core Flow
60 minutes
8 peeps
Music: Take Me Home and Somewhere over the Rainbow, by I. Kamakawio’ole

child’s pose
cat/cow tilts
downward facing dog
modified vinyasa
3 sun As
2 sun Bs
3-legged ab work
warrior I
warrior II
reverse warrior
prasritta A
pivot to front
repeat from 3-legged ab work to triangle on left
vinyasa to table top
opposite arm/leg
child’s pose
repeat on other side
3 locusts
2 bridge with block between thighs
supta baddha konasana
abs with block (“Forrest abs”)
happy baby
spinal twist

Rangeley really is the best town. Today’s group was some repeats from Monday and some new faces too.

Thank you to Jeff Hawksley for letting me volunteer teach at the fitness center! And thank you to all the people who came to class. Thank you for showing up, for your willingness and enthusiasm. It warms the cockles of this yoga teachers heart (especially when it’s -30 below!)


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