Smoothie Adventures

Usually smoothies are a summer drink, but thanks to the awesomeness of Trader Joe’s and their frozen foods, I’m rocking the smoothies this January.  I was inspired by a Body & Soul article about a five week detox that included a four day juice fast.  This also happened to coincide with the Prana Cleanse, as well as the New Year (no coincidence there.)  So I figured, why not do a detox on my own.  Thus began a the smoothie adventure.

I’ve experimented mostly with fruit and almond milk. I’ve been trying to stay away from dairy and using almond milk and bananas for creaminess.

Today’s smoothie is a blend of pineapple, mango, berries, ginger and carrot juice.

ironic drinking glasses included

I’m curious about other things that can be added to smoothies: like wheat germ or ground flax seeds.  I tried the ground flax seeds but they weren’t ground finely enough.

What else do you put into your smoothies to booth ’em up?


4 responses to “Smoothie Adventures

  1. I’ve been using the silk soy yogurt and adding spinach to my fruit smoothies. We tell my son they are “green monster smoothies.”

  2. Great suggestion Jen! I’ve been getting a ton of great recipes in Facebook replies, too, so I’ll definitely be doing a follow up post. Can I use your Green Monster suggestion?

  3. After reading your blog I tried making a few smoothies and I love them! I started adding spinach to some of the recipes you listed above and you can’t taste it (win!). Thank you for the inspiration to be and eat healthier 🙂 Love LOVE your blog!

  4. Thanks Lauren!! So glad you’re finding inspiration here. 🙂

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