Vinyasa Flow – 1/19/2010

Vinyasa Flow
HBS, Shad Hall
60 minutes
10 peeps
music: Buddha Bar X on shuffle

child’s pose
downward facing dog
low lunge with opening twist
flat back series
3 Sun As
3 Sun Bs, working on flowing with breath
three-legged dog
flip dog
crescent lunge
crescent twist
warrior II
reverse warrior
side angle
half bind
vinyasa and repeat on left
warrior I
warrior II
reverse warrior
reverse triangle
prasritta A
triangle on left
prasritta B
utittha hasta pandgustasana
repeat on left
vinyasa to high push up and hold
lower to floor on 5 count
3 locusts
1 bow
1 bridge
1 wheel
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
modified half pigeon
spinal twist

So happy to be back teaching at HBS after a brief hiatus.  Feeling restored and renewed and ready to deliver a great semester of classes to some of the best yogis ever!


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