Hour of Power – 1/29/10

Hour of Power
Shad Hall, Harvard Business School
50 minutes
25 peeps (we ran out of mats!)
Music: Guster, Happier and Ingrid Michaelson, Be OK

downward facing dog
down dog to high plank with breath
broken vinyasa
3 Sun As
3 Sun Bs
3-legged dog with ab work
crescent lunge
crescent twist with eagle arms
warrior II
side angle
half bind
vinyasa and repeat on left
warrior II
reverse warrior into reverse triangle
prasritta A
pivot back foot and triangle on other side
prasritta B
step to front of mat
vinyasa to high plank and hold for 5
low plank and hold for 5
2 locust
1 bow
1 bridge
1 10-count wheel
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
“Forrest abs”
half pigeon
spinal twist

What an energetic challenge today was!  Not only am I at the tail end of my first week of teaching 4 classes a week (plus working full time), but the class’s energy was super high and super scattered.  It was amazing to watch as we flowed through the final Sun B how the energy coalesced into something nearly visible.  The breath work, the movement, it was all in sync and flowing so beautifully.

The class started off rough, too.  It was overcrowded and I had to ask people who had set up with two mats (for extra cushiness) if they could share with late-comers.  Then moving everyone around was a challenge.  Still managed to get started on time, though!  A few people came too late to get in, which always makes me feel sad.

Teaching at HBS is such a fun adventure.  The group is so dedicated, so powerful and meeting and calming the energy is always such a delicious challenge.

I really do have the best job ever.


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