Power Yoga III – 1/28/10

Not me (someday tho!)

Power Yoga III
Hemenway Gym, Harvard University
55 minutes
15 peeps
Music: Rusted Root, Drum Trip and Send Me On My Way

rag doll
downward facing dog
dd to high plank with matching breath
3 Sun As
3 Sun Bs
3-legged dog
flip dog
3-legged dog to high plank ab sequence
crescent lunge
crescent lunge twist with eagle arms (thanks Claudia!)
warrior II
side angle
half bind
::vinyasa and repeat on left::
warrior II
reverse triangle
prasritta A
pivot back foot for triangle on other side
prasritta C
vinyasa to high plank for 5 count
low plank for 5 count
2 locusts
1 bow
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
half pigeon
spinal twist

Another new group today, this time over at the Hemenway Gym.  A slightly older group than at the MAC or at Shad, these guys and gals we’re super focused and dedicated.  There were more newbies in the group, which surprised me since it was billed as a Power Yoga III.   55 minutes isn’t much time so we were pretty balls-to-the-wall for the first 35 minutes.  I tried to take the mat work a little slower, focusing more on cooling breath and relaxation.


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