Vinyasa Yoga II/III – 1/27/10

Vinyasa Yoga II/III
Malkin Althetic Center, Harvard University
75 minutes
25 peeps
Music: Buddha Bar X

child’s pose
downward facing dog
down dog to plank with breath
gentle twist
3 Sun As
3 Sun Bs
3-legged dog with hip opener
flip dog
crescent lunge twist
warrior II
side angle
half bind
::vinyasa and repeat on left::
pivot to front
::repeat on left::
high plank for 5 count
low plank for 5 count
3 locust
1 bow
10-count wheel
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
“Forrest Abs”
half pigeon
spinal twist

First class at the MAC this week!  Great group of yogis — so strong in their practice!  The biggest challenge was the room — it’s GOD AWFUL.  Think long and skinny, with uneven wood floor, and an air duct system that crashes, clatters and clangs all class.  And no heat (or barely any) though I can imagine it’s blisteringly hot in the summer.  It’s hard to keep the energy together and up in this kind of space, so I know that will be my biggest challenge as the teacher: keeping the energy up and positive and not letting the horrible, hollow room suck us all dry.

I should also explain what “Forrest abs” are … one of my favrorite Prana teachers teaches this sequence a lot and I got it from him.  Ages ago I think I heard him say that he got the idea from Ana Forrest, so rightly or wrongly, the ab sequence and Ana became linked in my head.  Apologies to Ms. Forrest if this is totally wrong.

Anyways, “Forrest abs” looks like this:
1. take your block and put it the medium-width way between your thighs, as close to your pelvic bone as you can get.
2. lay on your back and bring your feet into the air, soles of the feet facing the ceiling.
3. interlace hands behind head/neck.
4. keeping gaze to ceiling so as not to crunch the neck, inhale and lift head and shoulders up off the mat.
5. exhale squeeze the block.
6. inhale lift hips up off the mat.
7. exhale hips come down

Repeat until either you get stick of saying “inhale up, exhale squeeze, inhale lift, exhale down” or the class collapses.  (Class will probably collapse first.)  This short sequence is lovely though since it works all levels and layers of the abs, inner and outer thighs.  Pretty sweet!


One response to “Vinyasa Yoga II/III – 1/27/10

  1. I think this is an Ana Forrest technique. I’ve taken a few Forrest yoga classes and this is familiar. Also, I think it was published in a YJ in the not too distant past.

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