Vinyasa for Newbies – 2/2/10

Vinyasa Flow
Shad Hall, HBS
60 minutes
25 peeps
Music: Prana After Dark 10, Ray Mucci

child’s pose
down dog
down dog to high plank
broken vinyasa
3 Sun As
2 Sun Bs
three-legged dog with hip opener
knee-to-nose ab work
crescent lunge twist
warrior II
reverse warrior
side angle lunge
reverse triangle
prasritta A
pivot to front
vinyasa and repeat on left side to triangle
horse for 15 breaths
prasritta B
pivot to front
vinyasa down to mat
2 locust
1 bow/locuts variaton
1 bridge
1 bridge/wheel
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
reclined half-pigeon
spinal twist

HUGE class tonight!  25 people in a studio (with mats) for 20.  Yikes!  We got everyone squooshed in though and while I had to avoid some flying feet in three-legged dog (duck and cover!) I think the class went well!  I had been working on a different, more challenging flow, but with that amount of people and so many beginners I stuck to my “vanilla flow.”

I was reflecting on my walk home after class how good teaching makes me feel.  Is it the connection with the class?  The chance to lead?  The knowledge that I am facilitating strength, relaxation and a deeper connection?  The opportunity to give of my self?  Whatever the cause, the post-teaching glow is an amazing feeling.  It feels like my heart is too big for my chest and could burst with joy.

I know I say it all the time but I still believe it: best. job. ever!


2 responses to “Vinyasa for Newbies – 2/2/10

  1. GOOD teaching is very gratifying! And having been in your classes, your passion shines through. No wonder you walk on air when it concludes.
    You should!

  2. I’m so proud of you Abby. You’ve followed your bliss. HUGS.

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