What I Read – January 2009

To try and make this a more useful feature, I’m going to include short blurbs on each book and link to a fuller review on Goodreads.com.  I’m also going to incorporate Goodreads rating system here on the blog for easier and faster viewing.

New rating system for Perusals (cribbed from Goodreads)
5 stars: it was amazing!
4 stars: really liked it
3 stars: liked it
2 stars: it was ok
1 star: didn’t like it
DNF: did not finish

Without further ado, here’s January’s booklist:

Changing Planes, Kathy Scott (5 stars)
Scott details the months spent building her first split cane (bamboo) flyrod, as well as all that happens around her in the north woods of Maine.  Beautiful description of life in the woods and connection to the natural world.

The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Muriel Barbery (DNF)
Heart-breaking, ironic and brilliant, I couldn’t get into this one.  It was just too sad for this time of year.  Will try again in the spring/summer.

The Notebook, Agota Kristof (1 star)
Deeply disturbing, this novel follows identical twins as they carve out a new life with their eccentric grandmother in the midst of a war.  Creepy and nightmarish.  Approach with great caution.

Finding the Deep River Within, Abby Seixas (4 stars)
Drawing on years as a counselor and group leader, Seixas shows women how to compassionately connect with their core self.

Straight on Till Morning, Mary S. Lovell (3 stars)
The biography of horse-trainer and aviator Beryl Markham.  Fascinating women who’s story suffers slightly at the hand of too much psychotherapizing by her biographer.  If you read West With the Night, this is a must read.

Dragon’s Lair (Justin de Quincy Mystery #3), Sharon Kay Penman (4 stars)
Loved the Welsh setting of this installment of the Justin de Quincy mystery series.  Having read Penman’s Welsh Triology, the cross over was fun and interesting.


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