A Thought for Today

What if you woke up every morning with $1440 in your bank account.  It just appears, every morning, like clockwork.  You can do whatever you want with that amount of money, the only caveat being that at the end of the day, it all has to be spent.  It’s a use it or lose it game.  What would you do with $1440 every day?

Now, think of this…

Each day has 1440 minutes.

How will you spend those minutes today?


3 responses to “A Thought for Today

  1. WOW! This is a tough one. My selfish side can think of a bizillion things to do and see. But my gut tells me that with $1440 in my pocket each day, the best thing to do would be to help other people anonymously. Pay for bills here and there to help people out when they need it the most…Slip grocery store gift cards into the hands of children to bring home to their families…pay for daycare services for the single mother who’s having it rough…

    Hhhmmm….great question.

    • great ideas Mama H! But the trick is that you don’t really have $1440 to spend. What you HAVE is 1440 minutes. Knowing that you have just the time, and it can’t carry over to the next day, how would you spend your time? 🙂

  2. OH MY WORD….sorry about that. I saw the blurp about the 1440 DOLLARS and ran with it. I honestly think I tuned out on the rest of the post…hahaha. I obviously jumped the gun with a whirlwind of thoughts about extra money. Silly me. It’s no spend month in our house this month. Can you tell??? Hahahahaha.

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