Power Yoga III – 2/4/2010

Power Yoga III
Hemenway, Harvard University
55 minutes
15 peeps
Music: none, couldn’t get the PA system to work 😦

child’s pose
downward facing dog
down dog to plank
intention setting
3 Sun As
3 Sun Bs with humble warrior
three-legged dog
hip opener/flip dog
::repeat on left::
utkatasana twist
step back to crescent twist
warrior II
side angle
half moon
revolved half moon
standing leg split
::repeat on left::
table top
opposite arm/leg ab work
half bow
spider pose
3 locust
1 bow
1 bridge
1 wheel
supta baddha konasana
reclined pigeon
happy baby
spinal twist

Very short savasana tonight — whoops!  One change to my flow I’m trying to consciously implement is intention setting.  After the warm ups, taking a few breaths and having the students (if they want) silently set a goal for today’s class.  I’m trying to do the same, though most of the time it’s “Get your lefts and rights right” or “breath with the class”.   So even though my intentions aren’t anything grand, I like pausing before the Sun Salutations.  It’s a good way to clear the air, the mind and the heart before diving in.  Hope the students like it too, because they’re gonna be doing it at every class!  🙂


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