Saluting the Spirit!

SO EXCITED to be participating in Saluting the Spirit this year! [The official website now up and running!]

If you’re not sure what that is, Saluting the Spirit is a fundraiser for Pathways to Wellness and yogaHOPE.  Participants sign up and commit to completing 108 Sun Salutations in a three hour class.  This year, the event is on May 16th at Exhale in Boston, MA.  The line-up of teachers who will be trading off to lead the Sun Salutations is incredible.  After each teacher is finished their segment, they’ll be assisting the students.  The all-star line up is:

David Magone
Chanel Luck
Coeli Marsh
Taylor Wells
Jane Cargill
Shawn Shaw
Brian Lam
Jacqui Bonwell
Rebecca Pacheco

So, here’s where you come in.  Think I can make it?  108 salutations.  Three hours of non-stop yoga.  Bets can be placed starting now. 🙂

My donation page is set up here.  [I’m also working on setting up a button on the side bar…]   Please consider giving if you can.  Even $10.00 helps!  The money goes directly to Pathways to Wellness, which provides free acupuncture treatment for AIDS patients and to yogaHOPE (who I volunteer for) which brings free yoga classes into substance abuse and domestic violence shelters.

These organizations do incredible work.  Help me in supporting them so they can continue to provide these services to people who need them most.

Photo from OMGal from last years StS


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