Power Yoga III – 2/11/10

crow pose

Power Yoga III
Hemenway Gym, Harvard University
55 minutes
12 peeps
No music: PA system hates new iPods

child’s pose with side stretch
downward facing dog
low lunge
gentle twist
down dog to plank
intention setting
3 Sun As
3 Sun Bs
three-legged dog
open hip/flip dog
::repeat on left::
warrior II
side angle
half bind/full bind/bird of paradise
::repeat on left::
utkatasana twist
bakasana (crow/crane)
vinyasa back to down dog
utkatasana twist other side
padahastasana/rag doll
roll to stand for tree
vinyasa to dolphin and hold
shell stretch
mat to wall with two blocks
wheel with block assist
supported frog
spinal twist
inversion/savasana up the wall

Whew!  We powered through a lot today, but it felt like the students we’re really happy with the flow.  They’re an advanced bunch (Power Yoga III) and want to be challenged with arm balances, inversions and that kind of work.

It’s more of a challenge for me as a teacher to get them not to rush the sun salutations and pay attention to their alignment as they like to rush ahead to get to the “good stuff”.  Any suggestions out there for slowing them down?


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