Vinyasa II/III – 2/10/09

dolphin pose

Vinyasa II/III
MAC, Harvard University
75 minutes
32 peeps (!!!)
Music: Portishead “Wandering Star”, Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack “O Saya” and closed with Rusted Root “Send me on my Way”  [kick ass selection if I do say so myself!]

Child’s pose with side stretch
downward facing dog
down dog to plank
rag doll
intention setting
3 Sun As
3 Sun Bs
three-legged dog
hip open/flip dog
::repeat on left::
warrior II
side angle
half bind
reverse triangle
half moon
warrior II
vinyasa through and repeat on left
utkatasana twist
utkatasana twist other side
padahastasana (or rag doll)
roll to tadasana
uttita hasta pandangustasana with twist
::repeat on other side::
dolphin for a looooooong hold
shell stretch
2 locust
1 bow
bridge/wheel combo
supta baddha konasana
10 ab pulses in supta
15 ab pulses with feet on mat, knees bent
20 pulses with feet in the air
long, slow bicycles: 5 on each side
happy baby
half pigeon
spinal twist

What an amazing group tonight.  They came, in the middle of the Snowmageddon That Wasn’t, with their absolute A game.  The breath was solid throughout the class and people were modifying as needed, but also trying things out and really taking themselves to the edge of their practice (a long Dolphin hold will do that to you).

Teaching felt a lot better than the night before.  I felt much more present and with the group … not like I was god only knows where but not in the same room as my yogis.  Taking even a minute for silent meditation before teaching is becoming sooo important.  I’m realizing just how much taking that time means to my teaching.

Teachers (and people who practice) — what are you pre-class warm ups/rituals?  Do you have any?  Or do you just show up and teach – or take class?


2 responses to “Vinyasa II/III – 2/10/09

  1. Hi Abby! I am a budding yoga teacher too, and it’s so nice to hear someone else muse about the same things as me 🙂 No pre-yoga class rituals yet, but what a good idea to center yourself before class. Thanks for the good posts & all the inspiration from your lovely sequences!

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