Vegan Adventures: Part III

This time around it was Mexican Dark Chocolate cupcakes.  They were created for a Mexican potluck dinner on Sunday night with inspiration from a cake seen on Serious Eats, a recipe in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, and a cake in Vegetarian Times.

Using the base chocolate cupcake recipe in VCTOTW, I added cayenne pepper and cinnamon to the cake batter.  Cupcakes were topped with vanilla buttercream frosting, dusted with cinnamon, and a small piece of dark chocolate with chili peppers was placed on top.

These came together so quick and tasted great.  Perfect cupcake texture and the frosting was cinnamony-sweet.



6 responses to “Vegan Adventures: Part III

  1. These were indeed awesome cupcakes, both in taste in presentation!

  2. That should read: awesome both in taste *and* in presentation

  3. Those look really great! Remind me to give you my basic chocolate cake recipe. I find that it has a more chocolatey taste and a lighter texture than the VCTOOTW recipe, but YMMV.

  4. I’ve gotta make these asap – they look amazing. I’m a big fan of the mexican chocolate rice pudding in Vegan with a Vengeance. I usually add a pinch of cayenne pepper to really heat it up.

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