Vinyasa II/III – 3/3/2010

AAaaaand she’s BACK!

Vinyasa II/III
MAC, Harvard University
75 minutes
29 peeps
Music: Universal Sounds of Buddha Bar (by request)

child’s pose
downward facing dog
down dog to plank x3
broken vinyasa
intention setting
3 Sun As
3 Sun Bs
three-legged dog
hip opener/flip dog
side plank
::repeat left::
crescent lunge twist
warrior II
side angle
half bind
::vinyasa and repeat left::
warrior II
prasritta A/B + horse on left
gratitude pose
half way lift
revolved triangle
standing leg split
::vinyasa and repeat::
plank and lower on 10-count
2 locust
1 bow
ab sequence with block
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
half pigeon
king pigeon (or variations of)
spinal twist

SO HAPPY TO BE BACK TEACHING.  Vacation was amazing (more on that with pics later!) but I really missed teaching.  Took some amazing yoga classes at Mountain Flow and Yoga Life in Seattle and came back armed with some great new cues and sequences.  Today’s group was big and awesome!  Such great energy.  It felt so good to be back among them, offering a yoga practice and space for everyone to work the kinks out.



One response to “Vinyasa II/III – 3/3/2010

  1. amazeballs! Wish I could have taken your class…

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