Power Yoga III – Return of the Crow

Power Yoga III
Hemenway, Harvard University
55 minutes
10 peeps

child’s pose
downward facing dog
down dog to plank
intention setting
3 Sun As
3 Sun Bs

three-legged dog
flip dog/hip opener

crescent lunge twist
warrior II
half bind/full bind

warrior II
reverse triangle
half moon
standing leg split
vinyasa back to down dog
walk hands to back of mat and sit down into malasana

high plank for 5 count
low plank for 5 count
2 locust
1 bow
mats to wall for bridge
wheel with blocks at wall
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
reclined pigeon
spinal twist

This group always intrigues me — the class is billed as a Power Yoga III, and yet atleast half the group is beginner.  Perhaps it’s the rule follower in me that says if something is billed as “advanced” and you’ve never done it before, then maybe you should try something else.  But then again, that’s probably why all these kids got into Harvard ::wink::.

It’s a fanstastic challenge for a teacher, though!  Making sure everyone is getting the most out of their practice be it their first or hundred and first is my goal in every class (besides getting my lefts and rights straight.)



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