Power Yoga – 3/6/2010

Power Yoga
Prana Power Yoga, Cambridge MA
90 minutes (!!)
28 peeps
Music: Prana playlist by Ray Mucci

child’s pose with shoulder opener (via Claudia)
downward facing dog
down dog to plank
broken vinyasa
intention setting
3 oms
4 Sun As
4 Sun Bs (humble warrior in final sun B)
three-legged dog
hip opener/flip dog

three-legged ab work
crescent lunge twist
warrior II
side angle lunge
half/full bind
warrior II

utkatasana twist right
utkataska twist left

warrior II
prasritta A/horse
gratitude pose
halfway lift with arms outstretched
revolved triangle

vinyasa to down dog
walk hands to back of mat

2 locust
1 bow
supta baddha konasana
ab work with block

vinyasa to down dog
half pigeon/reclined pigeon
spinal twist

WHEE!  Taught my first Prana class!  I was surprised by the number of people, but was glad we had the small studio.  It holds the energy well, even though with 28 it was crowded to the point of dodging flying legs and arms. 🙂

My greatest fear as a teacher was overcome, thanks to some great advice by Pat Donaher.  I was petrified of having to “om.”  Singing, especially in front of strangers (or anyone)!  Om-ing in front of 20+ strangers wearing tight clothes is the stuff of nightmares.  Then Pat gave me some great advice: “Start quiet and let the class take over.”  Sure enough that’s exactly what happened.  So thank you Pat and my students for sounding some truly excellent Oms!

I was also a litter nervous about not having enough material to fill 90 minutes.  HA – that’s a laugh.  I nearly ran OUT of time and there were so many things (crow, frog, more prasrittas) that I wanted to do.  Oh well – hopefully there will be more chances to teach 90 minute classes.

The Prana group was great and I feel so grateful to all who came for my first Prana class!  Love ya, Prana Peeps!


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