Power Yoga – 3/8/2010

Picked up a last minute sub class!

Power Yoga
Prana Power Yoga, Cambridge
3/8/10 (6:15am)
75 minutes
12 peeps
Music: Prana playlist from Ray Mucci

child’s pose
downward facing dog
down dog to plank
intention setting
3 oms
4 Sun As
3 Sun Bs
three-legged dog
hip opener/flip dog

crescent lunge
bound airplane (eagle arms)
crescent lunge with arm bind
warrior II
side angle
half/full bind

warrior II
prasritta A/tripod
(frog on left side)
pivot to front

high push up for 5
low push up for 5
2 locust with block between ankles
2 bow or locust
1 bridge
2 10-count backbends bridge/wheel
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
abs with block
half pigeon
spinal twist

Whew!  Last minute class but so much fun!  This is my usual practice time so it was great to see everyone from a different angle.  The early mornings are such a dedicated and devoted group!  It made my day to spend this time with them.



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