Delicious Yoga: Vinyasa Flow – 3/16/2010

Vinyasa Flow
HBS, Shad Hall
60 minutes
7 peeps
Music: Buddha Bar X

rag doll
downward facing dog
childs pose
down dog
gentle twist
broken vinyasa
intention setting
3 Sun As
3 Sun Bs
low lunge with hip opener
crescent lunge
warrior III

utkatasana twist
utkatasana twist

warrior II
side angle
prasarita A/B (horse on left side)

2 locust
2 bow
1 bridge
1 bridge/wheel
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
reclined pigeon
spinal twist

All about the word “delicious” tonight!  Ever have that happen?  Where you get stuck on a word and can’t stop staying it?  But for some reason, that word really worked for me in class, as did all the synonyms.  I think I even threw out a “yummy” in there at one point in time, referring to a forward bend!  Why do some words get stuck in our brains?  Why was getting across the idea of a “delicious yoga pose” so important to convey to my students that my brain was fixated on the word and concept?   Perhaps it’s because in my own practice right now, I’m really drawn to the long holds.  Holding warrior II, half pigeon, frog, prasarita … holding and staying.  Working on release and focus.  Funny how what your drawn to in your own practice always filters into your teaching.  Hope the students don’t mind some deliciousness!



2 responses to “Delicious Yoga: Vinyasa Flow – 3/16/2010

  1. I have a friend who always says “yummy” relative to poses when she teaches. It’s pretty funny. Perhaps because she’s also a foodie?

    And to own up to my own word-obsessions, I was stuck on “amazing” (pronouncing it uhh-mayyyy-zing) in general conversation for the longest time. Then I noticed that the people I spend time with were picking it up. Made me laugh! You’re right, though, delicious is such a delicious word. 😉

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