Vinyasa Flow – 3/30/2010 (This one’s for the runners)

Vinyasa Flow
HBS, Shad Hall
60 minutes
16 peeps
Music: Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Iz; Waiting on the World to Change, John Mayer
rag doll
downward facing dog
childs pose
down dog to plank
intention setting
3 sun As
3 sun Bs
three-legged ab work
crescent lunge
warrior II
side angle
pivot to front

2 locust with block between ankles
2 bow
1 bridge
1 bridge/wheel
supta baddha konasana
happy baby

low lunge with extended arms
deep hip stretch
half pigeon

spinal twist

This was is for my marathon runners, cyclists and 10k-ers!  The strong standing pose sequence builds strength and the deep hip work at the end works into the hip flexors, iliopsoas and piriformas muscles.  A lot of focus was spent on finding the edge and then coming back off it for the hip work and using the exhales to soften the hip crease.  (Aka “Breathe dammit!”) Next week …. hamstrings!!



One response to “Vinyasa Flow – 3/30/2010 (This one’s for the runners)

  1. I like it. Trailrunning is a yoga of its own form too. The breath to run all day without thinking. The breath is the sound of the wind in the pines. The focal point is the distant boughs of the trees arching across the trail 😉

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