Hip & Happy!

Vinyasa II/III
MAC, Harvard University
75 minutes
16 peeps
Music: Prana After Dark, Ray  Mucci

rag doll
downward facing dog
child’s pose
down dog
intention setting
4 Sun As
3 Sun Bs

three-legged dog
hip opener/flip dog

three-legged dog with ab work
crescent lunge twist
warrior II
side angle
prasarita A/B
pivot to front
crescent lunge
“happy hip” asana (low lunge with knee down and arms extended)
deep hip stretch
down dog

high plank and lower to mat on 10 count
2 locust with block between ankles
2 bows
1 regular bridge
1 bridge with quad work (block between knees and lifting alternate legs)
1 bridge/wheel
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
downward facing dog
half pigeon
wide-legged baddha konasana
spinal twist

Great focus tonight, though they really struggled with the breath.  By the end of class, with the deep hip work and especially in half pigeon the breath was there, but the first half of class I don’t think anyone drew a single breath.

Like Tuesday, there was a lot of focus on the hips and working with the exhales for softening.  I’m noticing an increase in athletes in the class and a lot of small talk before and after class about running along the river and training for marathons.  Hopefully the hip and hamstring work can work some of the kinks out and give them a smoother run!



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