Introducing “Sun Cs”: Vinyasa Flow – 4/5/2010

Vinyasa Flow
HBS, Shad Hall
60 mins
14 peeps

Music: Buddha Bar X
rag doll
downward facing dog
down dog to plank x3
broken vinyasa
intention setting
3 Sun As
3 Sun Cs (this might be my made up name for this)
utkatasana twist right
utkatasana twist left
padahastasana/rag doll
vinyasa to down dog
three legged dog with hip opener
crescent lunge
warrior II
side angle
pivot to front
warrior II/airplane

dolphin with core work
cat/cow tilts
supported bridge
bridge with block between knees for quad work
2 regular bridge or wheels
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
vinyasa to tadasana

standing figure 4
low lunge
half pigeon

spinal twist

Had fun mixing it up today!  Teaching the same ol’ Sun As and Bs gets boring for teacher and students (especially this teacher!) so I finally brought in a slightly modified version of Sun Salutations.  These seem to be called “classic sun salutations” so I’m calling them “Sun Cs” (get it! har har)  They went over well in class, as did some new breathing cues from Michelle B.  I borrowed Michelle’s cues about breathing like you’re fogging a mirror, then keeping that same breath but with mouth closed.  Works great and the breath sounded so much better!

Let’s see how these changes go over tomorrow! 😉



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