Yoga Journal Conference: Boston

I had the very good fortune to attend the Yoga Journal Conference in Boston this past weekend.  What an incredible time!  Most of my time was spent at the yogaHOPE table in the Marketplace, promoting the organization, selling ridiculously cute t-shirts and raffle tickets for a killer raffle coming up in May.  I got to meet a lot of really awesome people, including the great women of meSheeky, the be present crew, the beautiful designers of Baroni jewelry and of course the lululemon ladies and their goal setting mini-workshops.  (That’ll be an upcoming blog post for sure!)

working the table

As a vendor, we could get in to any of the unsold out classes, so I also got the chance to take two classes with some really incredible yogis.  On Saturday I went to a discussion/lecture led by Coral Brown on coping with the post-savasana melt down.  The discussion ranged far and wide and I got to listen to a lot of different perspectives on helping students who have emotion break throughs in class and also dealing with “problem” students (disruptive, no boundaries, coming to class on drugs or drunk).  Luckily the latter hasn’t been an issue for me, but I have encountered some very disruptive personalities.  Reminding myself to operate with compassion, that the behavior is not a reflection of me, but a manifestation of fear in the student keeps me from getting too grumpy when someone comes in 20 minutes late and proceeds to do their own practice in the center of the room. 🙂

Coral is an incredible woman and I wish she taught near her because I’d love to take her class.  Just sitting in the front of the classroom she exuded an aura of love and fun.

Sunday morning a friend and I went to Sadie Nardini‘s Core Flow class.  I’ve been a Nardini Fan Girl for a while now and love her many editorials for the Huffington Post.  This class rocked!  It was a blend of lecture and asana and DAMN the asana was tough!  We spent the first part of the class locating the belly of the psoas muscle, which sits higher up in the abdominal area than you’d think.  From there we flowed through some sun salutations using the core as the stability.  It’s all stuff we’ve heard before, but Sadie had a new way of approaching the cues, muscle engagement and flow that made it all click.

Using the core as physical and psychological center, she even got us all to attempt flying from a three-legged core plank into crow!  The crazier part? I almost did it!  Yahoo!

Oh, and did I mention how unbelievably beautiful Sadie is?  Yeah.  Stunning.

It was a great weekend and I am already looking forward to YJ coming back in a couple years.  I think the next time they’re back I’d like to fork out the (BIG) bucks and actually commit to taking a day’s worth of classes or a day-long intensive.  I’m glad I got the chance to dip my toe into the experience this time around, and I loved working the yH table and connecting with so many great people who were genuinely interested in yogaHOPE.

Thank you to everyone who came by and supported!  See you at the next big event: Saluting the Spirit!



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