Finish with a smile

Prana Power Yoga
Central Square, Cambridge
75 minutes
12 peeps

child’s pose with shoulder opener
downward facing dog
down dog to plank
3 oms
2 sun As
3 sun Cs

crescent lunge twist
warrior II
side angle
half moon

warrior II
prasarita A/B with tripod and horse on respective sides
pivot to front
airplane/warrior III
standing split

dolphin/dolphin plank
2 locusts with block between ankles
2 bows
1 regular bridge
1 bridge with block between knees and leg lifts
3 bridge/wheel/supported bridge
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
half pigeon
spinal twist

Fun group today — a couple people from my YTT group and some from the new group, too.  Also had a lovely young woman in class who just completed the Boston marathon.  I was amazed at her ease of movement and flexibility.  When I spoke with her after class she said that her goal for the marathon was to finish with a smile.  So there ya go, folks.  Today’s lesson from the smiling, marathon-running, kick-ass-yogi: finish with a smile.



2 responses to “Finish with a smile

  1. i love it! can i link to this post???


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