What I Read – April 2010

Got my reading mojo back in April big time!  Links take you to full reviews on Goodreads.com

Surrender of a Siren, Tessa Dare
3 stars
Ingenuous heroine meets reformed pirate in this high seas adventure. The romance is steamy and the seas are rough (har har).

What Angels Fear, C.S. Harris
4 stars
First in a new series featuring Sebastian St. Cyr, this story looks at the dark and seedy underbelly of Regency England – a glimpse of life rarely seen in the polished and bright historical fiction of today.

When Gods Die, C.S. Harris
4 stars
Second in the Sebastian St. Cyr mystery series, this one follows Sebastian as he gets sucked into a murder investigation of a young woman found clasped in the arms of the Prince Regent.  Following a trail of clues that lead deep into his own past, Sebastian is at risk for more than just his life.

The Likeness, Tana French
4 stars
Cassie Maddox in undercover again, this time posing as a dead girls of which Cassie’s a dead-ringer in looks.  But Cassie has to be careful not only in flushing out the killer, but of getting too attached to her alternate life.

When Will There Be Good News, Kate Atkinson
4 stars
A multi-layered and multi-textured literary mystery, Atkinson weaves together disparate story lines into a cohesive and tense crime drama.

The Compass Rose, Gail Dayton
3 stars
This was a re-read that help up surprisingly well. Tread cautiously with this series if you’re at all upset by polyamory and magical sex.

A Touch of Scandal, Jennifer Haymore
4 stars
Kate and Garrett.  Garrett and Kate.  Meant for each other but the Big Misunderstandings just never stop coming.  How the author works her way out of so many potential pitfalls is what makes this novel great.

What have you read this month that you really enjoyed?



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