Tennis anyone?

In one of those crazy life moments when a thought suddenly coalesces into reality, I’m taking tennis lessons.

The last time I held a tennis racquet I was 8 and in Berwick Academy Sports Camp.  For those who know me from way back, the idea that I ever went to a sports camp is so totally laughable it’s hard to believe.

A former roommate was a tennis player and we always meant to play together but never got around to it.  Then my Mom started talking about playing tennis after discovering a talent for badminton, which she discovered since working as a part-time phys ed teacher.  The final piece (really two pieces) fell into place when I met a serious tennis player and also happened to check out the lessons at the campus gym.

I had my first lesson two weeks ago (wicked fun, though SO sore afterwards), hit some balls around this past few weekends (awesome!), and last Wednesday, bought my very first adult tennis racquet.

Using a coupon from my Saluting the Spirit goodie bag for City Sports, I was first looking at this KILLER pink and purple sparkly racquet.  The sales associate who walked over to ask if I needed help gave me a weird look and the conversation went something like this:

Sales Lady: “Are you thinking of buying that for your daughter?”
Me: “What? No!  I don’t have kids.”
Sales Lady: “Well, that’s a child’s racquet…”
Me: “Oh” [sadly places pretty pink racquet back on the hook]

Don’t worry though!  While my racquet might be a plain white and black one, I DID find pink tennis balls! BOOYAH!

Next up: work on the backhand and create a yoga flow for self-care post lessons! And get one of those CUTE white tennis skirts. 🙂



5 responses to “Tennis anyone?

  1. AWESOME! I’d want a pretty racquet, myself. Probably Kelly Green metallic. Or purple. 🙂

    The same thing happened to me when I went to the grocery store to buy birthday cupcakes for my boyfriend + his work friends. I bought these really cool ones with Spiderman drawn in frosting — they even had plastic spider rings stuck into them! I got to the counter and the check-out lady smiled and said, “Are these for your kid’s birthday?” I looked confused (I don’t have kids) and said that they were for my boyfriend. She gave me a weird look and didn’t say anything else.

    Isn’t it sad when people have grown so “up” that they don’t know how to have fun?!

  2. I had a bit of a hard time finding one of those classic, white, pleated tennis skirts. I paid way too much money for it, considering I wear it to play roller derby. But it’s super cute.

    • Yeah! I’m trying to find a cute, pleated skirt that’s under $50 and it’s pretty hard to find! Any hints on where/how to find one for a reasonable price would be great.

  3. My racket is white and pink here hahahha yeahl I got it when I was 12…
    For the white pleated skirt you should checkout the wrentham Nike or Lacoste outlet, I got mine there 😉
    And YAY for playing tennis (an added benefit is that it’s apparently good for bones strengh )

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