What do you need?

Inspired by an FB post, I thought I’d try out this exercise.

  • Google your name and the word “needs” [i.e. ABIGAIL needs]
  • B) Click search
  • C) Record the first 10 results

According to Google Abigail needs:

  1. Abigail needs a drummer
  2. Abigail needs a hat
  3. Abigail needs more character development
  4. Abigail needs some restructuring advice
  5. Abigail needs 24/7 nursing
  6. Abigail needs a share in Cambridge, MA (TWO of us in Cambridge??)
  7. Abigail needs numbers
  8. Abigail needs some enemies and rivals
  9. Abigail needs a new coat
  10. Abigail’s strength needs to be spoken of

Neat!ย  I feel like I never need to read another self-help book ever again ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, I’ve always felt like I needed a drummer.



132 responses to “What do you need?

  1. So… the first thing I got was “Meghan needs a savage beating.” this doesn’t really bode well for me…

  2. Haha, I am also Abigail (or Abby) so I feel like your list works for me too – and I’d be pretty ok with having a drummer!

  3. I didn’t get many…. Perhaps with a name like Currie it is different. BUT I loved my first one and it is kind of true. “Currie so needs a glee club” Yes, yes I do!

  4. hahaha mine said “Dennis needs to shit”

  5. 25 cents and 2 fingers is apparently all I need…
    I don’t know whether I should be proud or a bit concerned.

  6. Apparently a lesbian needs advice.
    And there was I thinking I knew what I was doing…

  7. I need more coffee and a USA World Cup win, please. : )

  8. lol…I definitely have to try this…


  9. My first one was “ALINA NEEDS YOUR NUMBERS” :))
    so gimme numbers people… telephone, social security,pin… all kinds of numbers:))

    and for my middle name (simina) I couldn’t get anything. I guess that goes to show there’s always worse, Currie:P

  10. Apparently, my life is a mess. I need a firewall; some help; to look up Captain Lou Albano; to make sure I eat enough in the morning before I go out to film. I think I should reevaluate my life!

  11. Liske van Lill

    seems like my name is sort of unique, because the drop-down list doesn’t display anything for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I had to click on “search” to get a full list of results. The auto-fill text didn’t have any information for me, either. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. WOW, Marti needs a new set of C-DUBBS, buy this and save! I have no idea what C-DUBBS are but thankfully they seem to be sale so I will save!

    LOL that was fun, thanks!

  13. Apparently, Sharon needs to “stop shooting and start talking”. Unfortunately, my first name happens to be the same as Ariel Sharon’s last. I’ve actually been accused of being a war criminal on a few headlines as well. -_-;

  14. The first ten hits for my real name were people who had done this on their blogs (so that hardly counts), the FB profile for some lady whose last name is Needs, and “a miracle”, “help” and “your prayers”. Doesn’t bode well, methinks.

    That said, Princess Peach needs some self defense classes.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  15. I need to calm the hell down, contact my therapist and stay in the harness for another month. I also need a saviour, and only Alexander will do, apparently…

  16. Oh, great. It says, “Todd needs a spanking.” I’d rather have a drummer.

  17. “Tara needs to keep her clothes on” and “Tara needs her mouth washed out with soap…” And here I thought they weren’t on to me yet. D’oh! Great post, by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Congrats on making Freshly Pressed!

    Sara needs a playful, loving home ….hmmm, having an infant and toddler doesn’t cut it?

  19. I need attention, and a new screen name apparently lol.

  20. According o google, I need: someones help against the winter and a slap!! But i also wanted to try what google for other countries sais and acording to Google.com.ar i need some rest, help and cuddles!! i rather like what Argentinian google says.
    Nice post and very useful XD

    (ps I used my eral name, Elena)

  21. hahaha, fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. *sigh* Dora needs to quit asking 6 years olds for direction and get a GPS.

    That’s pretty much awesome.

  23. What baby needs, baby gets.

  24. Funny I did my name.. Marisoll and it says

    Marisol needs a place of her own.. TRUE

    Marisol needs a family .. FALSE i’m trying to get rid of the one I have.. LOL..

    and apparently I need numbers, creativity and a freight service.. lol.. that’s funny

  25. Marie needs facebook page
    Marie needs a brain
    shall I go on?

    I think not.

    Very funny!


  26. Apparently Taevia needs nothing.

    Life is good.

    Oddly enough I knew that!

  27. Ok,Judy needs counseling,her morning coffee,to pay her taxes and to run for president.
    Sounds about right.

  28. Brett needs to lay off the PB&J before someone gets hurt.

  29. I got:
    1. Courtney needs a mistress to show off, but not one who will gossip to others.
    2. Courtney needs cleaned up.
    3. Courtney needs a new camera.
    4. Courtney needs a prom date.
    5. Courtney needs to think global, not local.
    6. Courtney needs cute new clothes.
    7. Courtney needs to lay off the plastic!
    8. Courtney needs a share in Kennesaw, GA.
    9. Courtney needs a home cooked meal!
    10. Courtney needs a Flux Capacitor.

    #1 & #10 on my list are making me laugh. Thanks for posting this fun time waster!

  30. #1 Melanie needs a diamond necklace…

    oh yes please ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. that is hilarious!

  32. I’m so screwed. I need a loving home, I need to start listening to Brian (who the hell is Brian?), I need a 2006 Chevy 3500 6-speed (what?), but the best … ta dum ta dum … I NEED A TRUTH ENEMA. Where do you get those?

  33. Kishore needs your phone #s cause his sim card sucks a fat one …


  34. Video Marketing ShopWatchBuy

    This is a great topic… But everyone is replaceable.

  35. THis is funny im going try it.

  36. My first one says “to address issues” Mmmmm

  37. Unfortunately every time I’ve tried this recently I’ve only gotten hits for Joelle from The Biggest Loser (a show I absolutely ABHOR). It was so much more fun when there wasn’t a Joelle on TV. I do get one “Joelle needs a band!” but that’s it. Stupid horrid TV show ruining all my fun. It was on maybe three seasons ago and that Joelle is still ruining my Internet fun.

  38. 1) Shower
    2) Sing Kristen a song
    3) to know the answers
    4) your help
    5) haircut

    3 out of 5 ain’t bad!

  39. iwillnoteatthedarkness

    1. Robyn needs a boyfriend. (Holy Jeez! It read my mind!)
    2. Robyn needs a new blog meme. (I didn’t make that up. It seriously said that.)
    3. Robyn needs to feel what is above and not be afraid that it is an enemy? (Oh good. Spiritual advice from Google.)
    4. Robyn needs to be replaced as the casting director? (huh?)
    5. Robyn needs to be #1. (I’m on board with that!)
    6. Robyn needs a guide book on when to shut her mouth. (Word vomit. Not good. Ever.)
    7. Robyn needs another excuse to make a cake. (I make cakes? Awesome!)
    8. Robyn needs to get back to game development. (I have been neglecting my MMORPG lately. My sorceress must be itching to take on some monsters.)
    9. Robyn needs some education. (Ha!)
    10. Robyn needs to wake up and realize that the 80s are gone! (What? You mean I have to stop wearing my glittery spandex to work? Oh noes!)


  41. OMG, this was so funny. Thanks for the idea! I did the same with my daughters’ names and I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants.

  42. This is the problem with sharing your first name with a well known pornstar… although she spells her name with 2n’s tyvm…

    “Jenna needs help with a boy”

    For a girl that has written about her tumutulous dating life as much as I have in the past/present.. this is incredibly (and sadly) spot on accurate.


  43. lol
    Stacy needs:
    …her back shaved.
    …needs to tweet
    …needs to get a gig with Penthouse
    …needs to pack up and crawl back in the hole she slithered out from
    …needs a gay friend to tell her “what not to wear”!!
    …needs to hang in there until she’s old enough for Usher
    …needs to put down the crack pipe
    …needs spanking
    …needs to interview Gorbachev

    Some of the stuff was pretty raunchy, other stuff was referring to a soap opera star who is endlessly pregnant.

    This was fun. Thanks for sharing. lol

  44. LMAO @ truth enema.

  45. Anthony needs you to know that the kid isn’t his. lol

  46. Hahah! gonna try this
    hmm now I wonder whether actually we’ve been “monitored” ๐Ÿ˜€
    interesting post for the weekend!

  47. http://mileyinbedwithjustin.co.cc/

    Wow.. I seriously can’t believe Miley Cyrus did it with Justin Bieber and the made a video of it!!

  48. Nimisha needs NUMBERS!It pulled up some event another Nimisha created on Facebook. I guess my name is too exotic to need anything else. Though, I did find an article I wrote for PrettyCity in the search! http://clubdinein.wordpress.com/

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  50. 1. Tim needs to be carefully managed – true, I have problems with authority : )
    2. Tim needs an eyebrow wax – true, but I’ll never get one!
    3. Tim needs time to take it all in – true yet again – I need a vacation!

  51. It’s fun. Didn’t get many results with my own name, Diah. But I got many results with my nickname, Dee.
    1. Dee needs a bigger throphy cabinet (oh yeah, I got one trophy so far ;))
    2. Dee needs a lot of spaghetti (yess!!! maybe I’ll have it for my lunch)
    3. Dee needs help (I surely do)
    4. Dee needs facebook (wow! I think I’ll stop on number 4. I need neet now. Haha…)
    It’s fun, Abby. Trivial, but fun. Just fit me for this working week end ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. Hey… hey… I went further.
    5. Dee needs new attorney (haha… :D)
    6. Need funds for Dee. ASAP. (yes. any one would like to donate? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ;))

  53. hehe
    ok, I need;

    -to find a new partner in bloodlust
    -a Productivity Buddy
    -to review policies and procedures
    -to restart the computer after running Microsoft Update
    -to have milk available for my young son (???)
    -individual emotional and bodily needs fulfilled

    right,ok. I’ll work on it….

  54. I’m too young for wedding advice………… LOL.

  55. This doesn’t really work when you’ve got a name like Beata….

  56. Vivian needs:

    1. Fashion design course
    2. Vivian Goes there
    3. Your number
    4. her own T.V. show
    5. a chiropractor
    6. happiness and entertainment

    My take on what I need: That was fun. I need all of it except your number. Hold on. It depends on whose number it is.

  57. Ha ha! Awesome! I’m off to google this very minute!

  58. One said “Lauren needs a beer” LOL I do, I do! lol but I can’t, I can’t!

  59. I guess I need a tracheotomy! Who knew…

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  61. Wow…people really don’t like people with the same first name as mine:

    ….needs to get off my girl cuz she’s TAKEN (I’m a girl FYI)
    ….needs to go to timeout
    ….needs to go to school because I thought she was really stupid
    ….needs to realize that Judy cannot read her mind
    -And my favorite
    ….needs to vacuum. ๐Ÿ˜€

  62. I loled so much reading all this! Btw, congratulations on being freshly pressed!

    Ok so Catherine needs:

    1. to put her everyday chair in the car when she drives (hmm I don’t drive…)

    2. a Slice of Life

    3. Marmite on Taost

    4. A Man

    5. Your help

    6. a share in Knoxville TN.

    7. Emails, addresses, phone numbers

    8. Your prayers

    9. To be compressed…

    10. Notes for Northanger Abbey

  63. I loled so much reading all this! Btw, congratulations on being freshly pressed!
    Ok so Catherine needs:
    1. to put her everyday chair in the car when she drives (hmm I donโ€™t driveโ€ฆbut ok, I can see how having my chair with me might get handyโ€ฆlol)
    2. a Slice of Life ( Hmm should I take this as I have no Life? Well one way or another I donโ€™t totally disagree!)
    3. Marmite on Toast (anyone know what that is?
    4. A Man (been married for 14 years, have one! Get a man, Check!)
    5. Your help (if you knew me, you would get why me getting this one is funny)
    6. A share in Knoxville TN.
    7. Emails, addresses, phone numbers (all of which I will lose in the next 48 hours, it is a disease I tell you!)
    8. Your prayers (hmm not bad)
    9. To be compressedโ€ฆ (Not sure I like the sound of that oneโ€ฆ)
    10. Notes for Northanger Abbey

    Thanks this was fun!

  64. blackwatertown

    Paul needs 13 bundles of wood.
    (Ah, so that’s it. I knew I was missing something.)

  65. Congratulations on the savings. I came to learn that all answers are inside. It’s true, some times google can help a little. The Oasis is within!
    ~Very Fun Article,
    ~Great Love to you,
    Mirian from peelingtheorange.

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  67. Alex needs more than just a rat trap for this vermin!
    This Alek Needs Guns!

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  69. I need sex lessons first of all, apparantly.

  70. I got Grace Needs Newsletter
    Grace Needs Freedom(Controlling parents so yes, yes i do)
    and Everyone Needs Grace.


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  72. This is so funny, I had to try it out immediately and I’d like to share my list with you.

    Iris needs:
    1. airfare
    2. an alternate ending
    3. to be expanded and imroved
    4. 110 plastic spoons
    5. to get better soon
    6. your help
    7. some stuff for the canvas
    8. a Valentine
    9. sun and room to breathe
    10. a good home

    Apparently I need a lot of awesomely crazy stuff LOL

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  74. Margot needs
    a middle name
    a home
    a green business consultant
    to meet someone
    a children’s baby book
    a wine list (LOVE THIS ONE!)
    a CPA
    a wedding planner
    a realtor
    needs to say everything (nearly true!)

  75. chris needs to give me cancer………eeep!

  76. Scott needs nude models, and much later on, a new liver. Makes sense.

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  78. -to run free
    -to be told “No, there are certain things that just are NOT allowed”
    -to get off the gas
    -to give Tim food in Social Studies
    -some Spanish loving
    -to get her Tortillas
    ย -a Naomi
    -to Relax with a Good Rubdown
    -to tell the truth or shut up

    When you find Tim in need of food, send him my way, do the same if you find a Naomi.
    The rest…? haha I’m not sure what to think about myself anymore.

  79. Apparently I need:
    1.Support of a family (OK- got that)
    2.Advice (always welcome)
    3.A share in New York (yes, please!! Don’t kind of even know what that means but I’m on board as NY is mentioned)
    4.A freakin’ Facebook (freakin’ got it)
    5.Prayer (always useful)
    6. Musicians (yes, love them! My own personal rock star,. please)
    7.My own religion (Uhm…I asked for a Rockstar…)
    8. Relationships (don’t we all)
    and then the suggestions run dry… so all in all- not a bad list!

  80. Joey Need a better attitude and a Hug.

  81. Joe need alternate dimension coffee house in his linen closet.
    Thank you one cappuccino please .
    That was fun . Still I will miss Guy in scrubs and skateboard dude.

  82. sicilyislandhills

    Thank you Abby for helping Bob find out what I really need

  83. appaarently i need a diet, and to go to hospital because i am fucked up
    woah, shit i may be a little fucked up but who isn’t? don’t think i’m at the point of hospitalisation but thanks for caring google
    i also need money fast- so if anyones feeling generous…

  84. that is hilarious!

  85. “Allie needs a cookie.”

    Yes. I believe I do ๐Ÿ˜€
    Great post! I’m doing this to all my friends’ names now!

  86. Misael Needs a leed for $550 USD
    a web developer o.o
    I think this didn’t work for me

  87. very fun. i tried it immediately.
    here’s my result. ๐Ÿ™‚


  88. Loved it! It feels kinda good knowing that I only need too google my problems and worries, and that its gonna be OK. Amazing;)

    *Sandra needs a miracle
    *Sandra needs her oxygen
    *Sandra needs numbers
    *Sandra needs articles
    *Sandra needs directory
    *Sandra needs to secure job
    *Sandra needs a share in Brooklyn, NY
    *Sandra needs a cigarette
    *Sandra needs to move on
    *Sandra needs a man

    Love the fact that i need oxygen and a cigarette haha. Great combination.

  89. Apparently there is a band named Dawn Needs. On top of that, Dawn needs a miracle and a tripod. Oh my!
    Thanks for a silly, fun post that made me snuffle-laugh!

  90. did anyone notice the tiny smiley face to the right of the blog?
    Okay so I need to go to summer school
    Christian advice for dating
    50 great books
    some other book about family violence
    I need to grow
    and I need to know something
    I need to read
    and again I need to read

    think that was ten?

    haha great post


  91. Apparently I need a rest ๐Ÿ™‚ No kidding …

  92. I think you should also try with google image search, it’s worth all the crazy answers I’ve seen up here…

  93. Apparently I need an award AND a diamond necklace.
    The first two were so good, I stopped reading. Always quit while you are ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

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  96. I love this–can’t wait to get googling and finally find out what it is I actually need. Thanks for sharing the fun ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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  98. This is hysterical!

    Apparently I need HELP, followed by a new organ (I care not to specify), a gun (to help me get the organ?), a saddle, and a party.

    Am I up for a new career as a cowboy, or planning on hijacking body parts on horseback?

    The party sounds nice though.

    Rather disappointed I didn’t merit stilettos in place of a saddle.

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  100. Well, I did my name and came away with the idea that my name is rigged according to the marketing brand scheming that follows the computer cookie trails all over the internet. In other words, I am quite disappointed that once again, it’s induced propaganda that trails my life instead of synchronicity inspired by the universe. Yes, I am whining.

  101. whatsnormality

    My first one was rather strange, i must say
    -taylor needs to go potty on the way to the hannah montana/jonas brothers concert
    -a new routine
    – a middle name ( I assure you I already have one)
    -some new people
    -to rest in peace (Yikes!)
    -to know oil and chocolate milk
    -to choose her destiny
    -a facebook
    -to shut up
    -a nap

    This was a pretty cool post ๐Ÿ™‚

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  103. Haha! I need to shit, take a piss, enlightenment, and support around my educational goals!

    The last one is definitely true!

  104. Ha. Google doesn’t like my name. I type in “Alivia needs” and it corrects me with “Olivia needs”

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  106. I got absolutely NOTHING. Bibkiss. I will tell you though, I need a MIRACLE – this week preferably.

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  109. Wow… this is fun. The first thing on the list was that “I need a friend”. and Its true. If you own the patent for this idea, then you are really very smart.

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  112. Apparrently I need new tights….and that’s it. Boo hoo ;o)

  113. Wow it’s fun! I’ve got “Ruri needs no labcoat” and I laughed so loud..

  114. I guess i don’t need anything?! I tried it but nothing showed up!
    Iris needs ( nothing it seems )

  115. thans for great sharing

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  117. haha I’m in Cambridge right now!

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