4 responses to “CSA- Week 4

  1. There are many things I love about this post.
    I love the colors from golden to reddest reds, orange and the many shades of green. It’s just a wonderful array of color! I love the idea of eating so many vitamins and minerals and getting the most nutritional bang out of your buck! I love the fact that after a long day at work you still have the creativity and energy to create exciting food. I love supporting CSA’s!!
    I love that you have a dining companion who shares your enthusiasm for quality food and hot stuff and that Thai Blossom gets a mention in your blog. And I love that I get to spend time with you in one of our favorite places on earth.

    • There IS so much to love! When I was doing the food prep, I had the strawberries, radishes, golden beets and carrots all lined up in a beautiful orangey-red rainbow. So so pretty!

  2. Hey there! Just a friendly note to let you know that Hilary Nangle’s blog has moved to:


    …and I’m sure she’d appreciate an updated link in your post—as well as a visit to her new digs!

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