Your Best Kiss

Edith Shain, the woman famous for The Best Kiss EVER photo taken on VJ Day, died today at the age of 91.

What’s been your best kiss?

And while we’re thinking about kissing, a post from the Smart Bitches asks readers what their favorite kissing from literature?

So if you’d rather not share your very personal Best Kiss, what’s the best kiss from a book or a movie?  What makes it The Best?



4 responses to “Your Best Kiss

  1. My best kiss would have to be my first. It was with Sean (my now hubby) on our first Valentine’s Day together. It had all the elements, nerves, butterflies, excitement, romance…and then I went stiff from nerves. Sean still teases me that it was like kissing a fish. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. There have been other great kisses since with him, but that’s the one I’ll always remember!

  2. Love it! Great share, Bri!

  3. Mine would be first kissing my husband too–we both liked one another, but neither knew it. Finally one evening after an outdoor party, we were both helping to clean up, and it was FREEZING. He pulled me to him, and started to warm up my arms with his hands. All I had to do was look up, and we were kissing! I was awesome, especially after thinking he liked another girl…

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