7 responses to “CSA Week 8 – Carrots, Carrots & More Carrots

  1. Oooh… carrot fries… very nice. My first thought would be carrot cake, but I think you’d still be left with a lot. We have a stockpile of melons at the moment, and I found a recipe for cantaloupe bread. I’m still unsure about the concept of it, but the reviews are very high. Perhaps baking is on the agenda today. Lemme know how the fries go!

  2. do you have a juicer? When I get overwhelmed with carrots, I pop them through the juicer with an orange. It’s a great refreshing drink. I also slice them thin into rounds and saute lightly with mustard seeds.

    • I was just thinking how I should write a post about how I’m not a big fan of juicing … let alone carrot juice. Blerg. It always seems like such a great idea when one’s overwhelmed with veggies but the amount of produce, equipment and effort required never seems to equal the amount of juice.

  3. You’ve inspired me 🙂 I’m also trying to blog again- we’ll see if it sticks.
    Hope you are well, my Beantown beauty.

  4. YAY runningesq! Glad to see your blogging again. I’m waaay behind this week, but hoping to catch up over the weekend with some cool new posts and topics! 🙂

  5. 101cookbooks had a nice gratin recipe posted this week, I bet your potatoes and random veggies could work well in something like that 🙂

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