What I Read – July 2010

Links below take you to my full reviews on Goodreads.com

* means FAVORITE 🙂

What did you read this month that got your blood boiling in this summer heat?

The Girl Who Played With Fire, Steig Larsson
4 stars
Second in Larsson’s uber-popular trilogy, this one really gets the story going.  This series is the ultimate summer read.

The Heretic’s Daughter, Kathleen Kent
3 stars
A story of the Salem witch trials told from the perspective of an 11 year old girl living outside the city of Salem.  Better than it sounds, but not great.

The Eternal Rose, Gail Dayton
3 stars
Final installment in the Compass Rose Trilogy, Kallista and her polyamorous group travel to the South (surprisingly like the Middle East) to rescue the lost member of their group and her son.

*The Summer of You, Kate Noble
5 stars
Surprisingly emotional and deep, this is a good alternative to the traditional Regency romance.  Think Pride & Prejudice meets She’s Come Undone.

Where Serpents Sleep, C.S. Harris
4 stars
Book 4 in the Sebastian St. Cyr mystery series, this one finds Hero Jarvis and St. Cyr teaming up to discover the truth behind a fire that killed 11 prostitutes taking refuge in a safe house in the slums of London.

*My Lord and Spymaster, Joanna Bourne
4 stars
Hero and Heroine make sparks fly in this Regency-era spy thriller.  Two of the best-written characters I’ve read in a long, long time.

*One Dance With A Duke, Tessa Dare
5 stars
The first in Dare’s new Stud Club trilogy (perhaps best name ever?), Amelia and Spencer are so real they leap off the page.  This book proves that there doesn’t need to be an action-packed plot to make a book work.  Two well written characters with excellent dialog can create as much tension as the best thriller.



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