Silent Sitting: Finding Stillness

Time challenges on days 1 and 3 kept me from any silent sitting, though I found success on days 2 and 4.  So, all in all, a decent start.  I’m trying not to be too judgmental and hard on myself for not making the time for half the days of the challenge so far.  Balancing discipline and knowing when to cut myself some slack = a challenge in and of itself!

On the days that I DID sit, I was amazed by how fast 10 minutes flew by. My alarm rings long before I feel ready for it.  That being said, focus and concentration are tough.  It seems like I’m constantly reigning in my mind.  I’ve found it most useful to use the image of a river and watching  my thoughts float by like bubbles on the surface. When I get dragged into a thought pattern I tell myself “thinking” and then wrap up that thought into a bubble and set it in the water.  Silly?  Probably.  Effective?  Yes.

I found a lot of wisdom and inspiration in a recent post by Leo Babuta over at Zen Habits.  If you’re starting a meditation practice or are looking to re-inspire a flagging practice, check out this great post.



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