National Yoga Month – Yoga Challenge

September is National Yoga Month!

If you’ve thought about starting a yoga practice, or maybe even just checking out a class or two, this is a great time to do it.  Lots of studios are offering great deals for first time students.

If you’ve already discovered the awesomeness that is yoga, maybe use this month to set a new personal challenge for your practice.

This month I’ve set two challenges for myself:
1) 30 day Silent Sitting Personal Challenge
2) 30 day Retail Challenge

The Retail Challenge is to not buy any non-essentials for 30 days.  I am allowed to purchase food within a $50 a week budget (including eating out), necessary toiletries if I run out and things like that. Clothes, shoes, accessories and that Lululemon Remix Hoodie that I’ve been lusting after all summer are off the table.

I think the hardest part of the Retail Challenge will be the timing.  It’s “back to school time” so the urge to buy is strong. Got to keep reminding myself that the rewards in the long term will be greater than any cute Remix Hoodie.

What will you do to celebrate National Yoga Month?



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