A Lifestyle Balance Sheet

Great news P&P followers!  Starting Friday, September 17th I’ll be teaching a permanent class at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge, MA.  Class will be from 7:15 to 8:30pm!  It’s a delicious all-levels, heated class.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the inspiring teaching staff at Prana, though accepting this class forced me to look hard at my schedule.  Working full-time, teaching four nights a week, maintaining the relationships, friendships and lifestyle that I love, PLUS finding time for my own practice and learning to play tennis meant that something had to give.

What gave was my Monday night class where I work the front desk at the studio in exchange for taking the class free.  I ADORE the teacher for this class, but I’ve got to be honest and give myself the time and space to just relax.

It’s taken many years to learn that I am an introvert trapped inside an extrovert.  I still struggle with this as I love being busy, having a schedule, doing things I love with people I care about, but I also require significant amounts of “down time”.  Time to decompress, to watch a silly movie and paint my toenails.  Maybe cook a meal.  Or maybe just sit in a quiet place and read a book for an hour or two.  Every so often I need some “me” time.

Giving up Monday night wasn’t easy and I feel guilty about having to say no.  But I realize that whatever sad/guilty feelings I may have about saying “no” now, will be far outweighed when I don’t have a melt down mid-way through the fall because I’m over-committed and stressed out.

Self-knowledge. Sometimes it’s a real kick in the teeth.



4 responses to “A Lifestyle Balance Sheet

  1. Uhhh TOTALLY hear you on that whole “wait, I’m an extrovert… but that doesn’t mean I come with a lifelong supply of energy!”

  2. Exactly! I just wish I could get rid of the ensuing guilt … that part is what makes it all so difficult!

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