What’s on your bedside table?

I think we all have certain books we return to over and over again.  Every so often I like to re-read Jane Eyre and a handful of young adult novels.  Since starting to get serious about yoga, I’ve added a few more titles to the Frequently Visited Pile.  These are the books that have either made the cut to be on the bedside table or are on the small shelf above my desk.  There’s not much space there, so what’s there has to be important.

Yesterday, on a cool, cloudy Sunday I picked up the Yoga Sutras again.  Every time I re-read the book, I jot the month and year on the front page.  Seems as though we were due for another visit.

What books do you re-read?  What books support your yoga practice and/or teaching?

current TBR


4 responses to “What’s on your bedside table?

  1. Bedside table??!! Good Lord woman but you are an optimist!!! My husband would be the happiest man alive if I could contain the collection to a single table.

    Frequent turn-tos: Bernard Bouanchaud: The Essence of Yoga. Anything by Michael Stone or Stephen Cope. BK Jayanti, Practical Meditation. Mark Stephens: Teaching Yoga. Donna Farhi: Teaching Yoga. Bernie Clark: YinSights.

    And my fiction choice… Ann Tyler Saint Maybe… because everyone deserves a shot at redemption. I read it annually.

  2. Pema is on my beside table… and I am also revisiting The Heart of Yoga. But I don’t have a book that I re-read. I am always looking for recommendations though.

  3. The Yoga Sutras (natch!), The Heart of Yoga, The Language of Yoga, and my absolute favorite, Yoga: The Science of the Soul. 🙂

  4. How Yoga Works (great recommendation, thanks a million for introducing that fantabulous book to me), Anatomy of movement, Fooled by Randomness (yeah… could not be all about yoga, keeps me grounded actually, go figure!)

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