What I Read – October 2010

Cooler fall weather means more time indoors which means more time to curl up with a beverage and a book.  Here’s what the month of October brought in books:

*The Hunger Games (#1), Suzanne Collins
5 stars
Brilliant, tense, heartbreaking don’t even being to do justice to Collins’ novel about a future America that seems all to real and all to close.

Revealed, Kate Noble
3 stars
Phillipa Benning is the undisputed leader of the ton and bored to tears with all the wealth, entitlement and parties, she seeks out something to make her feel lively again … and finds Marcus Worth who may or may not be Britain’s most celebrated spy.

*Start Where You Are, Pema Chodron
With wit, wisdom and incredible insight, Chodron outlines the path to greater compassion and understanding.  A must read for anyone working with any type of healing modality or anyone trying to heal themselves.

Catching Fire (#2), Suzanne Collins
Yikes … there’s not much I can say that won’t give away major plot points for THE HUNGER GAMES.  So let’s just say that Collins continues her awesomeness and that I can’t WAIT until I get my hands on MOCKINGJAY.

Do your reading habits change in the fall and winter?  What have you read this past month?



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