Daily Gratitude: Weekend Edition

I am so grateful to all my wonderful yoga students who came out to the belly, breath and balance workshop on Saturday.  They worked so hard and really got the concept of the connection needed between all three components.

I am grateful for the incredible food prepared by the staff at the new Life Alive in Central Square.  Super yummy and super healthy!

I am thankful for the students at the 4:30pm class at Prana Power Yoga in Central Square for sharing their practice with me.  It’s always a little intimidating to sub for another teacher.  Thank you to the friendly faces who came, especially one in particular in the back right corner.

I am thankful that I had Sunday free and could spend the whole day curled up on the couch, playing Scrabble and watching TV.

I am grateful for the rain and cool weather which makes sleeping just that much more awesome.

What were you grateful for this weekend?



One response to “Daily Gratitude: Weekend Edition

  1. I am grateful that you posted the Autumn Mac and Cheese recipe in your tidbits from the web section! I made it this weekend and it was amazing (even with the Gluten Free noodles I have to use). Thank you for sharing!

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