Yoga Mat to 5K: Run #2

Oh my.  It’s been nearly a week since my first run.  I kind of thought this might happen … Wednesday I ran, Thursday was a full work day then teaching, Friday was the same, Saturday was necessary errands, class, workshop, re-fuel and then class … followed by a resounding CRASH.

Sunday was a full-on recovery day where I did very little besides make easy food, order Chinese take out, do laundry and sit on the couch.

But today … oh today!  You are a glorious day because even though it’s cold and rainy, I have access to an indoor track!  And I ran!

I was a little nervous to run on the treadmill (I’ve heard it’s just not good for knees and such) but it went fine.  The biggest difference between running outside and on a treadmill was that the way my foot struck the surface.  Outside, it felt like a rolling step: heel-midfoot-ball of foot-toes and up.  On the treadmill it felt like I kept missing the midfoot part, so the weight went right from the heel to the ball of my foot.  It wasn’t bad, but didn’t feel as “shock absorbed” if that makes sense.

Either way, I’m not sore at all today, which is also a change from last week.  Maybe another difference between outdoors and treadmill?  Do treadmills use less muscle?

Here are my “Day Two, Week One” Stats:
time: 31 minutes
distance: 2.1 miles
terrain: treadmill @ Shad Hall
music: Podrunner Intervals

Fingers crossed for an outdoors run on Wednesday!



4 responses to “Yoga Mat to 5K: Run #2

  1. Hi darling!

    I’m doing a run/walk program too! I’d been running some over the summer and could do 3 miles without too much struggle, so I opted for the couch (YOGA MAT!) to 10K. Now that it’s nasty out I’ve been running on the treadmill and what I’ve HEARD in the past is that a 0.0 incline on the treadmill is actually like running downhill. So I try to keep it between .5 and 1.0. Yesterday I was kind of struggling towards the end and went down to a 0.0 incline, and it definitely got A LOT easier.

    And that’s all for now! See you soon love!

    • That so cool, Mandy! Congrats on working towards a 10k!! I don’t know if you listen to music while running, but I LOVE the Podrunner Interval series for training. Great music, easy to run to, all done by beats per minute (which Ray would dig for sure!) and there’s a little chime that tells you when to run/walk so you can train up to the 10K or half-miler.

      Maybe we can run a 5K together in the spring!

  2. Yes let’s do it!!!
    : )

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