Yoga Mat to 5K: Run #3

I forgot to re-download the Podrunner Intervals podcast for Weeks 1 or 2, so I decided to just give Week 3 a chance.  (I know, I know. Bad Abby.  Not following the directions very well.)

However, Week 3 was PERFECT.  After a semi-disappointing run on Monday (it felt too easy) this run was great.  Week 3 starts off with a 3 minute walking warm up, 90 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking, then 3 minutes (!!!) jogging follwed by 3 minutes walking.  Repeat the 90 seconds/3 minutes cycle a couple times and close with a few minutes walking cool-down.

My marathon-maven friend Emilie joined me again on her first run post-NYC Marathon, which she finished in an awesome 4 hours and 49 minutes!  It was a good pace for both of us and meet both our running needs.

The best part, though, was hitting up the new Clover in Harvard Square after for some rosemary fries and chickpea fritter sandwich. YUM!

Run #3 stats:
time: 30 minutes
distance: 2.36 miles
terrain: outdoors
music: Podrunner Intervals (LOVING this series!)

Run #4 coming up this Saturday!



One response to “Yoga Mat to 5K: Run #3

  1. Nice job, Abby!

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