Yoga Mat to 5K – Run #4

HOOO BOY!  Saturday was a gorgeous and sunny day and there wasn’t anything on this green earth that was going to keep me from enjoying a gentle run along the Charles River.  Seriously, how many 65 degree days do you think we get here in Boston in November??

I’ve been having issues with keeping the interval training podcasts on my iPod, though.  As soon as I listen to them they disappear and even when I go back and mark them “unplayed” in iTunes, they don’t always resync back up.  Which is how I found myself running Week 4, when it really should have been Week 3.  I did my best, but I only finished two out of three run intervals.  I was POOPED at the end, but feeling pretty good since I now know where my limit it.

Fitness-wise I’m in good shape: no knee issues, muscle soreness, cramps, shin splints or low back pain.  Breathing’s good (thanks yoga!), so what Week 4 taught me is that my endurance for running is what needs the work.

So, runner’s, how do you build your overall endurance?

Here’s the stats from Saturday’s run:
time: 28 min; 46 sec
distance: 2.47 miles
terrain: Charles River trail
music: Podrunner Intervals (of course!)



2 responses to “Yoga Mat to 5K – Run #4

  1. You have to break through an initial barrier, then you just run until something hurts/your muscles get tight. After a short while, my breathing regulates and it feels like I can just keep going (runner’s high?). Maybe it’s food related though. What are you eating beforehand?

    • I usually don’t eat right before I run since it makes me feel sick/yucky. But I always have a Lara bar or something similar for afterwards. I don’t think energy is the issue … more endurance building since this is a new kind of cardio activity.

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