Yoga Mat to 5K – Run #8

HUGE milestones with this run.  It was my first day running the Week 4 mix from Podrunner’s interval training.  I accidentally tried this a couple weeks ago when I was having issues with redownloading Week 3.  At the time I couldn’t run Week 4, which was discouraging at the time.  However, two weeks later (2 weeks on Week 3), I’m running Week 4 with ease!  The run segments are just long enough to get my heart rate up and I’ve started experimenting with jogging for the first part of the warm up.

This run was the First Annual Thompson Turkey Trot, run by my brother and I on a blustery 28 degree day.  With a stiff headwind right off the lake, it was a chilly jog, but it kept up moving for sure!  As noted in the stats below, this was the first time I completed an actual 5k (3.2 miles) AND for the run segments, I was averaging a 10.8 minute mile.  YAY!

Run Stats
time: 35 minutes, 30 seconds
distance: 3.26 miles
terrain: road (Route 4 through downtown Rangeley, ME)
music: Podrunner Intervals (week 4)



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