Yoga Mat to 5K: Run #9 & #10

Just completed my first installment of “week 5” so I’m technically about half way to being able to run for 3.2 miles.  [Let’s overlook the fact that is was a full seven days in between runs #9 and #10 shall we?]

Also in exciting First Time Runner News: my fabulous roommate K and I signed up for a 5K [my first official one]!  We’ll be running Somerville’s Ras na hEireann on March 13th.  Registration’s still open if anyone is interested in running with us!

Of course, just when I hit half way, Mother Nature decides that it really is winter and slams Boston with seasonal temperatures and biting winds.  My running has been moved indoors for the time being (March).  Any suggestions for keeping fit on a treadmill?  I’ve heard mixed reviews about running indoors.

Run #9
time: 33 minutes
distance: 2.9 miles (got stuck at a traffic light for EVER!)
average pace: 11.27 m/min
terrain: Charles River trail
music: Podrunner Intervals, week 4

Run #10
time: 35 mins
distance:2.63 miles
average pace: 13.31 min/mile
terrain: treadmill
music: Podrunner Intervals, week 5



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