A Year in Books

Thanks to the very clever people at Goodreads, I’ve figured out how to export my books into Excel so I can work some mad crazy Excel mojo and do a “Year In Review”!  Maybe only fun if you’re a librarian and like playing around with Excel, but it makes for some thought-provoking analysis of reading habits.

If you’d like to see the complete spreadsheet, click here.

For the nitty-gritty break down, read on!

78 books

Huh — that’s smaller than I thought.  I know. I’m crazy.  But I honestly estimated that I would have been in the low hundreds.  Still, 78 is a respectable 6.5 books a month.

dnf (did not finish): 1
erotica: 1
fantasy: 4
fiction: 6
historical fiction: 7
mystery: 16
non-fiction: 8
poetry: 0
romance: 15
travel: 4
yoga: 8
young adult: 8

Fail on one of my New Years Resolutions from 2010: I wanted to read more poetry.  I find it, as a genre, very daunting and feel like I’m supposed to be smarter than I am in order to “get it”.  I’d like to overcome that perception.  Maybe 2011 will be the year.  Any good suggestions for contemporary poets for a metrophobic?

0 stars: 1
1 star: 2
2 stars: 6
3 stars: 24
4 stars: 27
5 stars: 18

Yup — pretty average.  I like to think that, for the  most part, I pre-screen books pretty well (i.e. I read reviews and cover blurbs to see if I’d like it before committing to it.)  I also don’t stick with books that aren’t interesting.  50 page limit.  If you don’t have my attention within 50 pages, buh-bye.

paper: 77
e-book: 1

Kind of a lame category since I just got a Kindle, but I figured I’d include it for consistency’s sake.

How about you, dear P&Pers?  Did you set any reading goals for yourself in 2010?  Did you achieve them?  How about reading goals for 2011?



7 responses to “A Year in Books

  1. Not a new release, but the Vintage Book of Contemporary World Poetry (1996) is excellent — http://amzn.com/0679741151

    I have a copy that is completely dogeared and well loved, and there are some wonderful poems in it. And this is from someone who also isn’t really very into poetry.

  2. “My Psychic” by James Kimbrell is a fantastic collection of poetry. It’s not too long, but there are some in there that you will want to read again and again.

  3. Thanks ladies! I’ve put both of those suggestion in my queue in Goodreads!

  4. Billy Collins (Picnic, Lightning is one of my faves, but all of his work is accessible, smart and fun) and Mary Oliver. I love most everything Mary writes, but would recommend one of her collections with samplings from many books- there’s a volume 1 and 2. My go-to of her’s is “The Leaf and the Cloud” which is actually one looong poem, and so pretty.

  5. I made a similar resolution several years ago. I highly recommend Mary Oliver and Kay Ryan.

  6. Wow — Mary Oliver’s going on the list, too! A double recommendation from two awesome women is something a reader dreams of. Thanks Jen & Melissa!

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