Snowasana: A Flow for the Snow

REJOICE!  A new sequence post!  This is inspired by the amazing students who came to yoga the night of the Big Blizzard a few days ago.  Here’s a 60 minute “power vinyasa” sequence for tired and tight shoulders and backs with a little extra core-strengthening to balance out the back work.

SNOWASANA: A Vinyasa Sequence for Showshoveling

child’s pose
cat/cow tilts (at least 4 rounds)
thread the needle (yogi’s choice: half-bind top arm behind back)
downward facing dog
high plank
variation side plank with bottom knee to mat (oblique/hip stretch)

3 Sun As
3 Sun Bs  with crescent lunge instead of warrior I

gentle crescent lunge twist with knee to mat
windmill up to warrior II
side-angle lunge
warrior II
prasaritta A/B
pivot to front
gentle standing split with hands to blocks (emphasis on long, soft neck)
lunge back to low lunge/deep hip stretch
vinyasa and repeat on other side

half pigeon
dolphin with block between thighs
low dolphin plank with block between thighs (knees can come to mat)

child’s pose with arms back behind you (fingertips by toes)
inchworm pose
2 locusts
2 bows
roll over and into supported bridge
supta baddha konasana
gentle inversion (viparita or legs up wall)
spinal twist with block between knees

Follow with a hot bath/shower and you’ll be right as rain!



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